Virginia Polyamory is a volunteer-based organization which represents an all inclusive community of varied ethnicities, orientations, and genders. We hold regular meetings, discussions, and social events to support and educate those navigating these relationships and all who are curious to learn more. We aim to provide a safe space for polyamory to be discussed openly.

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Articles in the Spotlight

Life Gets Difficult

A difficult diagnosis makes a family reevaluate their perspective and reflect on polyamory's influence in their lives.

Rethinking Monogamy

Is it possible to be Christian and polyamorous? Many would argue no, but this article looks deeper to offer a fresh perspective.

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Not So Different

Explanations often turn into conversations of monogamy vs. polyamory, but this article looks at how they have a lot more in common than some might think.

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Spread the Love!

Virginia Polyamory is 100% volunteer run and supported. All proceeds collected go right back into the organization.

We produce and attend events for outreach to improve public relations and spread education about polyamory. If you have found resources, help, and community here that was helpful and positive, we hope you can give something back. Every dollar counts and keeps us going! Click here to donate.

Listed below are a few of the things funds are used for :

  • - Printed Materials
  • - Website Fees
  • - Event Registration (such as Pridefest)
  • - Meeting Location Rentals
  • - Meeting/Social Food and Drink
  • - And more!

More Resources

It can be very difficult to find resources on healthy polyamory, so we've compiled some of our top suggestions here. None of these resources are paid advertisements. They have been used and shared by many of our members, and so we felt they might be helpful.

If you have other resources (or are a resource) and think they should be shared please contact us and we would be happy to evaluate them.

We hope you may find these useful!

Information, Communities, Health Services, and More

  • More Than Two
    A well known resource for terms, tips, articles, and more, all about ethical nonmonogamy.
  • Kimchi Cuddles
    A comic artist with an excellent talent for educating about polyamory through her art.
  • Solo Poly
    A blog from the perspective of being poly without having, or necessarily wanting, a primary/nesting-style relationship.
  • Poly Subreddit
    An open public forum where you can ask questions, read other's experiences, and find further resources about polyamory.
  • National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF)
    A fantastic resource for anyone seeking psychotherapeutic, medical, and legal professionals who are informed about and open to alternative lifestyles.
  • Richmond Health Department (local)
    Richmond provides a number of clinical services available to the insured, uninsured and underinsured residents, as well as the general public.
  • Health Brigade (local)
    Formerly Fan Free Clinic, they offer an array of medical, mental health, community outreach and care coordination services particluarly for low-income and uninsured persons.

Suggested Books

  • More Than Two
    by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert
  • The Ethical Slut
    by Janet W. Hardy
  • Sex at Dawn
    Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá